COVID-19 Protective Products

Face Shields

Face shields provide eye protection and can protect against droplet transmissions. These face shields can be cleaned, decontaminated, and reused if necessary. Face shields are currently being used by many medical personnel to reduce the risk of infection amidst the shortage of face masks as recommended by OSHA.

USA Sealing also offers foam which is used as the liner in face masks.

Sneeze and Cough Guards

Sneeze and Cough guards are clear plastic sheets fabricated to act as a protective barrier against individuals who come into close contact with each other. USA Sealing offers a variety of common designs and sizes that would work for a wide audience. Outlined below is our selection of Common Designs.


If the common designs are not applicable for your workspace, please contact us and inquire about our "Made-to-Order Sneeze Guard" program. USA Sealing has the capability and knowledge to do precision cuts and fabricate complex shapes to match your requirements. Send us a DXF, CAD, or even a drawing of any kind to get started today. Displayed below are examples of these sneeze or cough guards in the office workspace. You have the option of different tints and colors.

Optically Clear Plastic Sheets

USA Sealing is a leading provider of optically clear plastics such as polycarbonate and cast acrylic (commonly known as plexiglass). These optically clear plastics are being used to fabricate protective barriers and are becoming widely popular in essential businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, and retail locations. Installing protective barriers is recommended by OSHA guidelines to help reduce the risk of exposure to hazards and do not rely on workers or customers to change their behaviors in order to be effective.

Optically clear plastics are also being fabricated into "protective boxes" used in hospitals to protect healthcare workers while attending to patients.


If interested, please call 1-844-365-7315 or email Click here to submit your drawing for custom sneeze and cough guards.