Car Filtration Air Purifier

Car Filtration Air Purifier

Filter containing pre panel, true medical HEPA, and carbon layers. Protects against every day indoor polutants. It removes a wide range of airborne particles including viruses, bacteria, chemicals, gases and odors. Designed to remove airborne contaminants in cars, vans, and trucks.

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  • Activated Carbon
  • Air Flow: 10 cfm
  • Air Purification Method: Filtration
  • Brand: USA Sealing
  • CADR Rating: 20
  • Color: Black
  • Coverage: 40 sq. ft.
  • Filter Composition: Pre Panel
  • Mobility: Portable
  • Particle Efficiency: 0.1 Microns at 99.9% Efficiency
  • True Medical HEPA

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